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Arduino 0012 for ATmega328P


ATmega328P seems to be almost identical to ATmega168, which is used in Arduino, except the flash memory space. This is not true if you are a firmware programmer. The header file ".../include/avr/iom328p.h" defines a little bit different macro symbols in comparison to the header file for ATmega168. From this point of view, ATmega328P is a family of ATmega168P, not ATmega168. The "P" suffix means the "picoPower" (tm) technology. We have to use "*_vect" symbols instead of "SIG_*" symbols for interrupt vectors. This is the reason the Arduino 0011 IDE for ATmega328P by does not work completely.


For Windows only.

Release Log

  • 2009-01-06(UTC) Fixed error selecting boards other than "Arduino w/ ATmega328".
  • 2009-01-05(UTC) Initial release.


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