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     1FeliCa, FeliCa Plug
     3''If you are familiar with Japanese and living in Japan, please go to our [ online store].''
     5Welcome to SWICH-SCIENCE FeliCa product international order page.
     6The purpose of this page is to introduce FeliCa related products and make it available to countries outside of Japan.
     7Products shown here are manufactures of Sony except our pitch conversion board.
     8We sells these products from one piece. To order, please send an email to us.
     10== FeliCa related items ==
     12FeliCa Plug pitch conversion board. ( flat cable included )
     13    Pitch conversion board with flexible flat cable.
     14    This kit converts FeliCa Plug's 0.5mm pitch 8 pin into 2.54mm pitch, standard breadboard's pitch.
     15    Price: 690 JPY
     17FeliCa Plug RC-S801
     18FeliCa Plug RC-S802
     19    Works as a FeliCa "intelligent" card.
     20        product detail:
     21    The difference between RC-S801 and RC-S802 is the size of its antenna.
     22    S801 has bigger antenna so it supposed to have bigger square tolerance zone when communicating with reader/writher.
     23    Both module has 0.5mm 8 pin FFC/FPC connector.
     24    For prototyping with breadboard, our FeliCa Plug pitch conversion board is recommended.
     25    You can find sample code for Arduino here.
     26    RC-S801 Price: 690 JPY
     27    RC-S802 Price: 690 JPY
     29FeliCa Lite sticker RC-S701
     30    A sticker in which IC chip and antenna is embeded can communicate with FeliCa reader/writher.
     31    It's 0.385mm thick like a paper. It's possible to put on various surfaces.
     32    Price: 350 JPY
     34FeliCa Lite card RC-S886
     35    A card in which IC chip and antenna is embeded can communicate with FeliCa reader/writher.
     36    Size and thickness is like standard credit card.
     37    Price: 350 JPY
     39FeliCa Reader and Writer RC-S620S
     40    This reads and writes datas in FeliCa wireless card.
     41    0.5mm pitch FFC/FPC 6pin connector to communicate with PC, Arduino or so on with serial communication.
     42    Since it's FFC, you may need pitch conversion board.
     43    Our FeliCa Plug pitch conversion board is not a product for this.
     44    Comes with 6pins flat cable.
     45    Price: 3,500 JPY
     46    RC-S620 controll library for Arduino by Sony.( Download )
     49== Descrimer ==
     51It's important that SWITCH-SCIENCE nor Sony doesn't have obligation to provide a support to customers of these products.
     53== About SWITCH-SCIENCE ==
     55SWITCH-SCIENCE has been selling electronic devices at online store for about 3 years in Japan.
     56More than 500 items of products, includes Arduino, encourages personal creation.
     57We are an official distributor for Smart Projects, Gravitech, SparkFun and Digi International.
     60== How to order ==
     62Please send an email to us ( ), writing item(s) and quantity.
     63We will reply in a few business days, notifying availability, total amount ( shipping costs and price of products ).
     64After you read and agreed to the condition written in the email, please pay via PayPal.
     65Our PayPal account:
     66If products are in stock, we ship soon after we have confirmed your payment.
     68== Shipping ==
     70Shipping method is EMS.
     72In most cases, total weight will be less than 300g.
     73Each items weigh a few grams, except RC-S620S which weigh about 20g.