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How to use the Switch-Science USB Stick. スイッチサイエンスUSBスティックの使い方

The Switch-Science USB Stick is Fantastic USB device for Open Hardware Summit comers.
You can see sparkling three colors LEDs that have many brink patterns, when insert the USB Stick to your any USB port.(*1)

The USB stick has three colors LEDs and AVR micro-controller that was made by Atmel corporation.
And it has 6 pin socket pattern(*2) and some parts for V-USB(*3). You can develop other AVR program for this USB stick, if you have AVR development environment and AVR writer.

Schematic 回路図

PDF Schematic is here. OHS_SSCI_STICK.pdf
Eagle Cad Schematic and board data Archive is here.

(*1) Switch-Science USB Stick is a little thin as a USB standard board.
If the USB Stick can not match your USB port, you should paste some paper ( card) to the USB Stick backside please.

(*2) 1st pin is Near 'LED3' pin.

Pin 2Vcc(5V)
Pin 3GND
Pin 6SCK


(*3) V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR microcontrollers. V-USB

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