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     1== Back Powering the Pi via the J8 GPIO Header ==
     2== J8 GPIO ピンヘッダを経由した電源の供給について ==
     4It is possible to power the Pi by supplying 5V through the GPIO header pins 2,4 and GND.[[BR]]
     5Raspberry PiのGPIOピンヘッダの5Vピン(2,4番ピン)とGNDピン(6, 9, 14番ピン等)経由で5Vを供給することができます。
     7The acceptable input voltage range is 5V ±5%.[[BR]]
     8受け付けられる電圧レンジは5V ±5%です。
     11On the B+ Pi, the 5V GPIO header pins connect to the 5V net after the micro-USB input, polyfuse and input 'ideal' safety diode made up of the PFET and matched PNP transistors.[[BR]]
     12B+ Piでは、5V GPIOピンヘッダの5VはMicroUSBからの入力、ポリヒューズ、P型FETとマッチするPNPトランジスタで作られた「'理想'安全ダイオード」の後ろに接続されています。
     14The 'safety' diode stops any appreciable current flowing back out of the 5V micro USB should the 5V net on the board be at a higher voltage than the 5V micro USB input.[[BR]]
     18If the add-on board uses any more GPIO connector pins than the first 26 (i.e. is designed for a B+) and provides back-powering via the 5V GPIO header pins it is required to:   
     19もしアドオンボードが例えばB+用などで26pin以上のGPIOピンを使っていて、5V GPIOピンからPiに電源を供給するときに必要な条件は以下の通り
     211. Implement a duplicate power safety diode before the HAT 5V net (which then feeds power back through the 5V GPIO pins) as shown in this diagram.[[BR]]
     22図で示すように、HATの5Vラインの手前に(5V GPIOピンに電流が流れるように)安全ダイオードを入れてください。
     24Alternatively provide some other mechanism to guarantee that it is safe if both the Pi PSU and add-on board PSU are connected. [[BR]]
     27It is still recommended to add this circuitry for new board designs that only implement the first 26 pins of the GPIO header but that also implement back powering.[[BR]]
     28新規の基板デザインだったとしても、Raspberry Pi Model A/Bの26pinのGPIOだけを使った電源供給を実装することをまだお勧めします。
     302. Make sure that the supply that does the back-powering can supply 5V at a minimum of 1.3A to the Pi at all times (but recommended to support 2A). [[BR]]
     34Under no circumstances should a power source be connected to the J8 3.3V pins. [[BR]]